Parasite Android (UPDATE)

WhoooO! So that text you see is my doctor telling me that I do not indeed have parasites. All that talk for nothing, no ve? Sin embargo, how awesome was it to turn worry over a possible parasite infection into a short introspective on overconsumption. #goodtimes #writersbelike..


Bolivia Eats! : Anticucho

In this section of my blog called “Bolivia Eats!” I will highlight Bolivia culinary delights (totally biased because it’s all the Bolivian food I love to eat).  My second time visiting La Paz has verified my love for Bolivian food. Bolivia is definitely not known for gastronomy but the food here will entice the taste buds of those with a unique palate (do I sound like Anthony Bourdain yet?). In this post I want to focus on one of my favorite dishes**: Anticucho.

Anticucho is a popular street snack (and one of my faves! case you forgot) found in Bolivia and Peru. Comprised of grilled cow heart, potatoes, and a spicy peanut sauce drizzled over both, it can only be found after dusk (7pm and later). I was able to snag a rare day-preparation at a festival on 4/29/17.

Do not be put-off by the cow-heart bit…this snack is in fact delicious. I will not fool you and say it “tastes like chicken,” the term used to express that something tastes “normal.” It just tastes like yummy beef…closer to a steak, as my friend (who was hesitant to try it but when she did, she loved it) explained. The peanut sauce is my favorite because it gives the beef and potato such much flavor and that extra kick for my spicy food lovers over there.

When next you find yourself roaming the streets of La Paz or Lima (I heard it is super yummy in Lima as well) at nighttime, stop by your friend’s favorite anticucho lady and give it a go! My favorite lady is located at Calle 15 in Calacoto.

**Top Three: 1. Salteñas 2. Don Pollo 3. Anticucho

Video Details: Taken on April 29, 2017 in Mallasilla, La Paz.

Parasite Android (throwback post)

Back in La Paz and a lot can change in two years. Not only has the city changed (WHITE TELEFERICO ANYONE) but so have I.  My mind is in a way different space. I have overcome a year of anxiety and depression…2016…what a crappy year. I am more serious than the doe-eyed 21-year-old who arrived two years ago with an eager heart to serve others. With that said, we can totes talk about all those details later…why did I come the first time? Why did I come the second time? Right now we have to address more pressing issues…such as the fact that I am 97 percent sure I found parasites in my poop like over an hour ago (writing this on 4/6/17) and all I could think was “here we go again.”

Week three in La Paz and I have introduced what I am sure are pinworms into my system. The thing with living in a developing country and contracting any infection or sickness of the sort is that the patient zero or “epicenter,” as I like to refer to it, is hard to place. After my encounter of a strange kind with the alleged parasites, my mind flooded with a million possible ways I could have contracted them:
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Hola!! y Bienvenidos a mi blog. Ok ok. I will try to keep to English. Thinking about making this a bilingual blog…so each blog post will be in both English and Spanish. We will see how dedicated I am to that idea over the coming weeks. This blog will be a documentation of my time in La Paz as well as other places I will visit during my three-month stay in Bolivia. It will consist of words, photos, and videos that highlight the places and spaces I explore.

This is my second time visiting Bolivia. I first came to La Paz in May 2015…two weeks after graduating from college. I stayed for a little over two months then. More on my first stay in another blog post. Now I have returned a jaded young professional but not only have I changed, so has La Paz. There is increased development…new buildings, new faces**. I can go on but I’d rather focus on these topics in upcoming blog posts.

Journey with me as I reacquaint myself with Bolivia and familiarize myself with surrounding countries. I’d love for this to be a communal experience, so I want to hear your stories about exploring Latin America. You can email those to me at and I will highlight them on the blog.

Nos Vemos!

**So many more black faces than before which makes me feel delighted and more comfortable.

Photo details: April 19, 2017 taken at Valle de la Luna in Mallasa, La Paz.