Hola!! y Bienvenidos a mi blog. Ok ok. I will try to keep to English. Thinking about making this a bilingual blog…so each blog post will be in both English and Spanish. We will see how dedicated I am to that idea over the coming weeks. This blog will be a documentation of my time in La Paz as well as other places I will visit during my three-month stay in Bolivia. It will consist of words, photos, and videos that highlight the places and spaces I explore.

This is my second time visiting Bolivia. I first came to La Paz in May 2015…two weeks after graduating from college. I stayed for a little over two months then. More on my first stay in another blog post. Now I have returned a jaded young professional but not only have I changed, so has La Paz. There is increased development…new buildings, new faces**. I can go on but I’d rather focus on these topics in upcoming blog posts.

Journey with me as I reacquaint myself with Bolivia and familiarize myself with surrounding countries. I’d love for this to be a communal experience, so I want to hear your stories about exploring Latin America. You can email those to me at and I will highlight them on the blog.

Nos Vemos!

**So many more black faces than before which makes me feel delighted and more comfortable.

Photo details: April 19, 2017 taken at Valle de la Luna in Mallasa, La Paz.


4 thoughts on “Bienvenidos!

    1. Hi Evangelina! Thanks for the support. I hope you can experience a bit of Bolivia through the posts and one day experience the country in real life. Also if you have any travel experience elsewhere in South America please email a brief write up (500 words) and some pictures and I would love to highlight it on the blog.

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      1. I hope I can go there one day.
        We actually just came back from Chile and last year we went to Peru. I posted about it already but they are longer than 500 words I fear.


      2. That is fine. I am sure I could work around it. I would also like to read about the trip…Chile and Peru are countries I have yet (but would love) to visit.


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